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Twelfth Meeting of the Expert Panel Operations (RPEO/12)

Lima, Perú 17/July -21/July/ 2017

Analyze the proposed amendments to the regulations of operations, in order to incorporate the modifications of the ICAO Annexes and applicable improvement opportunities arising from processes armonziación of States

Tentative Agenda
Informe Final
Final Report
Nota Informativa
NI/ 1 Participation of the SRVSOP in the 17th ICAO Panel on Dangerous Goods
NI/ 2 Functioning of theDangerous Goods Panel (DGP)
Registration Form
Group Photo
Nota de Estudio
NE/ 1Agenda Item 1. Agenda of the meeting
NE/ 2Agenda Item 9. Proposed incorporation of adoptions of amendments to ICAO Annexes to operations LARs
NE/ 3Agenda Item 10. Proposed incorporation of pending updates and editorial corrections to LARs
NE/ 4Agenda Item 11. Proposal of amendment of the requirements on limitation of performance of aircraft in LARs 91, 121 and 135
NE/ 5Agenda Item 13. Proposed incorporation of adoptions of amendments to ICAO Technical Instructions (Doc 9284 / Suple.) As well as new additions based on Annex 18 Amendment 12 and opportunities for improvement to LAR 175
NE/ 6Agenda Item 15. Representation of the SRVSOP in the DGP